Coffee Farm Experiences

Coffee-trips, a niche agri-tourism segment

Visit a coffee farm to learn the technical aspects of growing, harvesting, and processing quality coffee. 

During the visit you will learn about coffee variety and seed selection, plant nurseries, plant maintenance, risk control, and harvesting. A labor intensive process that yields a great cup of coffee, but must be monitored for quality every step of the way. After a coffee farm visit, you will surely have a higher appreciation the next time you visit your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a great cup!

A Unique Cultural Experience

Visit a coffee farm to meet and interact with a proud coffee farmer, that is passionate about his/her work.  This hands-on insight into the culture of "finca life" creates lasting memories and friendships.

Coffee producing regions across Honduras share a "cultural landscape" that is very unique and interesting to experience, and permeates to everyday life. Regardless of farm size or the farmer's education level or socio-economic status, everyone shares the passion for producing a great bean.

Bird Watching

Honduras is a birder’s paradise! In a small country, you can enjoy the colorful plumage and song of almost 800 bird species. The most mountainous country in Central America, Honduras connects the northern and southern hemispheres, making it an ideal destination for migratories.


Coffee farms provide excellent opportunities for bird watching. From farms shaded with broad-leaf canopy, to pine trees, the diverse ecosystems provide for great birding experiences.  

Enjoy a stroll through a coffee farm with an expert local birding guide in search for interesting species including: Emerald Toucanet, Keel-billed Toucan, Violet Sabrewing, and many more.

Plan a coffee farm visit with us

Visitors on a guided tour of Cafe Rural Seis Valles near Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Custom itineraries

Contact us if you would like a custom trip itinerary.  We can add coffee farm experiences to a trip itinerary that includes the country highlights such as the ancient Mayan city of Copan, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Santa Barbara National Park, quaint towns in Lempira, secluded beaches in Punta Sal National Park, wildlife viewing in Cuero & Salado, and crystal clear waters in the coral reefs of Cayos Cochinos. 

Bird watching, horseback riding, boat tours, hiking, river rafting, snorkeling are just some of the activities that you can do.  For an immersive cultural experience learn how cassava bread is done in the traditional Garifuna way, visit a Lenca pottery workshop of a loom, or learn how to cook a traditional Honduran meal.

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